It is an ongoing activity that is intended to improve performance and can be applied to all facets of operation. A specialized language for sending queries to databases. Also means Network Interface card , which is the card in a computer that you plug a network cable into. Search engine optimization SEO . Glossary of marketing terms. Search engine where web sites are ranked according to the bid amount, and advertisers are charged when a searcher clicks on the search listing. A somewhat vague term generally referring to software that is secretly installed on a users computer and that monitors use of the computer in some way without the users knowledge or consent. Search Engine Marketing SEM . Bu şehirde çok faydalı vakıflar vardır. ASCII -- American Standard Code for Information Interchange . Software that speeds access and simplifies data analysis, queries, etc. a mail service that provides proof of delivery. First and most generally, a place where information goes into or out of a computer, or both. Any piece of software can be a CGI program if it handles input and output according to the CGI standard. Many sites do not allow incoming Finger requests, but many do. a printed statement of a customer s account regularly provided by the bank. ATS is the quantity compared to the Goal and ROP to determine the replenishment need. CASH SURRENDER VALUE. Elif Çakır Son olarak bir yerde kendinizi Cumhuriyet erkeği olarak tanımladınız. a person whose work is purchasing merchandise for resale. UDP is a stateless protocol in that UDP makes no provision for acknowledgement of packets received. FDDI -- Fiber Distributed Data Interface . a clause in a contract that can require payment in full. a business organization in which the owners are taxed separately from the business. Basic equation assets liabilities net worth. See also Client, Email, POP, RFC, Server. 0 and later the result is often called DHTML. Unpublished data from individuals or organisations. The reduction in the value of one currency vis a vis other countries. O cumhuriyet kadını ben de cumhuriyet erkeğiyim dedim, espri olarak. IMAP -- Internet Message Access Protocol . Any computer on a network that is a repository for services available to other computers on the network. a form of interest-bearing note used by corporations to borrow on a long-term basis. The first WWW browser that was available for the Macintosh, Windows,and UNIX all with the same interface. CD-ROM COMPACT DISK -- READ-ONLY MEMORY . The ordering of a person s needs into hierarchy of relative potency such that as lower order needs are fulfilled higher, unfulfilled order needs emerge, which require fulfillment. See also DSL, ISDN. A very common method of moving files between two Internet sites. A leased-line connection capable of carrying data at 44,736,000 bits-per-second. Flames most often involved the use of flowery language and flaming well was an art form. A widely used Open Source Unix-like operating system. BUSINESS TO CONSUMER B TO C OR B2C . the amount an insurance company would pay the policyholder during his or her lifetime when the life insurance policy is terminated. MUSE -- Multi-User Simulated Environment . The price at which goods or services are transferred between one country and another within the same organisation. Yıldıray Oğur Yani size eşit davranıyorlar. Items other than property can be assigned, such as sales contracts, mortgages, leases and options. See also Internet Upper case I , Network, Server. 1xRTT has the capability of providing data transfer speeds of up to 144 thousand bps. Business philosophy determines, for example, the extent to which customer service takes precedence over hitting profit targets, whether employees are encouraged to take initiative or not, whether innovation is encouraged or resented. In data warehousing, data and information are extracted from heterogeneous production data sources as they are generated, or in periodic stages, making it simpler and more efficient to run queries over data that originally came from different sources. Note Some authors draw a distinction between tacit and implicit knowledge, defining tacit knowledge as that which cannot be written down, and implicit knowledge as that which can be written down but has not been written down yet. Most often used to refer to having a server that belongs to one person or group physically located on an Internet-connected network that belongs to another person or group. IT -- Information Technology . comparison of the death of a venture to that of a goldfish; going bankrupt. system operated by an acquirer for the purpose of providing electronic commerce services to merchants who interface with the acquirer for authorizing and capturing transactions. legal clauses routinely included in all contracts that, while important, have little to do with the actual substance of the contract. Bütün bunlar büyük zararda. The way in which an organisation enters foreign markets either by direct or indirect export or production in a foreign country. Şu anda bütün ilçe belediye başkanı arkadaşlarımı geziyorum. Total hits to a site page are the combination of all downloads. Demand pattern analysis. Comparative analysis. See also Domain Name, Server, TCP IP. any entity whose members issue credit or debit cards or acquire card payment transactions on behalf of their customers. The continuous process of measuring producers, services, and practices against strong competitors or recognized industry leaders. A good or service offered by an organisation which affords a bundle of benefits both objective physical and subjective image to a user. 1994 yılında ilk döneminde sayın Erdoğan ın da belediye meclisinde partisinin çoğunluğu yoktu. Some are very large and the line between a BBS and a system like AOL gets crossed at some point, but it is not clearly drawn. See also Client, FTP, WWW. Beraber düşünüp beraber iş önceliği planlaması yapmaya çalışıyoruz. An evolving protocol for syndication and sharing of content. BUSINESS TO BUSINESS B TO B OR B2B . The selling of goods or services in a buying country at less than the production unit price in the selling country, or the difference between normal domestic price and the price at which the product leaves the exporting country. Cumhuriyet kadını diye yapılan paylaşımlar ne bileyim haddini aşar bir hale gelince, sadece görüntüyle ya da giyimle, kuşamla eşleştirilince, ben buna karşıyım dedim. An unconditional order in writing, addressed by one person drawer to another drawee , signed by the person giving it drawer , requiring the person to whom it is addressed drawee to pay on demand, at a fixed or determinable future date, a sum certain in money to, or to the order of, a specific person payee or to bearer. Virtually all Internet protocls are defined in RFC documents. Products designed to meet global market segments. This is needed because Internet e-mail can only handle ASCII. Bunu ifade etmek adına orada bu cümleyi kurdum. This enables chunks of data from many different sources to co-mingle on the same lines, and be sorted and directed along different routes by special machines along the way. Treasury notes paying 5 , is arbitraging between Japan s very low cost of capital and the much higher yields available for invested capital in the U. Customer Analytics comprises all programming that analyzes data about an enterprise s customers and presents it so that better and quicker business decisions can be made. The annexation or seizure of national assets as an extreme form of political action. company-sponsored retirement program whereby the amount withheld, often matched by the employer, is not taxed until it is withdrawn from the plan. a bill collecting agency that is often paid based on a percentage of money they receive on overdue payments. , and are prohibited from communicating with most other computers across a network. This is a newer term and separates what was once part of the function of a Search Engine optimizer, Search Engine Marketing specifically is the function of locating, researching, submitting, and positioning a web site within the proper search engines for maximum exposure and effectiveness. The balanced scorecard is designed to focus managers attention on those factors that most help the business strategy and so alongside financial measures, it adds measures for customers, internal processes and employee learning. 50€ BIG TICKET ITEM. May be a stand-alone system, or ACD capability built into a CO, network or PBX. Employee Internet Management EIM . the second largest stock exchange in the United States. a group of outside experts, typically three to six, recruited by entrepreneurs to provide regular input and suggestions to management. Actually, usually 1024 210 bytes. Can result in penalization of a web site. In these cases, some real Internet machine must handle the mail on behalf of the listed Domain Name. This easement may be spelled out in the original plat of the subdivision, in the restrictive convenants or in the building codes and zoning ordinances. a group of items gathered haphazardly, such as an agglomeration of assets. An international convention aimed at grouping articles, mainly according to their material composition, into a simplified classification system for tariff administration. New standards are proposed and published on the Internet, as a Request For Comments. Şimdi mesele yargıda. Entries are usually stated in monetary figures and reflect the current balances, if any. The method used to move data around on the Internet. Bütün bu mevzular İstanbul un ortadan kaldıracağınız, yok edeceğiniz, milyonlarca metreküplük rezerve sahip, bugün 5 milyon gelecekte 7. to estimate the value or determine the cost of an item. It includes clothing and lifestyle choices as well. Orayı yapan Balyan Ailesi. Arkadaşlarım DSİ ile irtibata geçti. Activity Based Costing ABC is a systematic, cause commonly done through the use of passwords or digital certificates. an accounting system in which income and expenses are recorded when an obligation is made rather than when money is received or paid. AFFILIATE OR CONVERSION FRANCHISE. a means of determining the quantity that has to be sold at a given price so that revenues will equal cost. There are a large number of TLD s, for example. Verb the act of connecting to a computer system by giving your credentials usually your username and password . A shorthand appended to a comment written in an online forum, IMHO indicates that the writer is aware that they areexpressing a debatable view, probably on a subject already under discussion. the steps taken by companies to eliminate the barriers of discrimination that prevent equal opportunity employment to all minorities. Elif Çakır Peki merkezi yönetimin AK Partili belediyelere tavrıyla size karşı tavrı arasında siyasal farklıklar var mı. A widely-used term in the private sector to describe something that differentiates a company from its competitors in the same industry and makes it more likely to gain profits than the others. The protocol used by clientand server software to carry USENET postings back and forth over a TCP IP network. 1 referring to the solutions offered to customers through a company s products services; 2 the reason customers choose a product service, because of the advantages they will receive. Online media buy terminology. The digital version of literati, it is a reference to a vague cloud of people seen to be knowledgeable, hip, or otherwise in-the-know in regardsto the digital revolution. One of the protocols for data transfer that is part of the TCP IP suite of protocols. A legally binding contract to deliver take delivery on a specified date of a given quality and quantity of a commodity at an agreed price. Typically used by the entrepreneur as an asset lender. measures the rate of change in your company s annual sales. Aslında tümüyle kamuda bir şeffaf süreç yönetiminin örneğidir bu. Vodasoft CCS, çağrı merkezi ve yakın alanalrdaki terimleri site ziyaretçilerinin kullanımına açmaktadır. Başka bir derdimiz yok. Halkalı dan kısa bir ilaveyle İstanbul Havalimanı na 28 dakikada erişebilecek şekilde metroyu devreye sokabiliyoruz. a reduction in the amount charged when purchases are made in large quantities or multiple purchases. Noun The account name used to gain access to a computer system. an attorney s summary compilation of the history of the ownership of a piece of real property in order to determine who holds the present title. Microsoft s . İkincisi fiziki olarak elbette ulaşım vesaire ama Ya İmamoğlu döneminde yeşil alanlar öyle büyüdü, insanlar İstanbul u yeşil alanlarda yaşadı dedirtebilmek. Niçin anlatılmadı. A set of decisions regarding alternatives to the target market and the marketing mix given a set of market conditions. An institution through which goods or services are marketed giving time and place utilities to users. This can happen for a number of reasons and the header of the bounced message may have one of these clues user unknown check your spelling , host unknown check your spelling , network unreachable gateway or network backbone problems , user s mailbox quota is exceeded, connection timed out software problem on the destination mailserver , or connection refused problem with destination mail server . Gross national product GNP . An HTML tag used to define the text in the top line of a Web browser, also used by many search engines as the title of search listings and for bookmark identification. Common method of moving caffeine across Wide Area Networks such as the Internet. Our mail server is down today, that s why e-mail isn t getting out. Seçildiğim an itibariyle tümüyle İstanbul konularıyla ilgileniyorum. Asla denge korumak için yapılmış hareket yok tavırlarımda. Price ceiling. Yani Ankara dan biri talimat verdi, yap. See also CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Web page. Adaletsizlik varsa adaletsizliğe karşıyım. See also Browser, WWW. EachClient program is designed to work with one or more specific kinds of Server programs, and each Server requires a specific kind of Client. Bekliyoruz, kararın açıklanmasını. to transfer a right or interest to another person. Yani bu üç havalimanı birbiriyle entegre olarak çalışabilir. Inbound do word processing; play MP3 music files; get news, entertainment and stock quotes from the Internet; play video games; and have an integrated digital camera or GPS receiver. the 6-digit range of numbers assigned by the Federal Bureau of Standards and used by card companies to identify their financial transactions. See also Browser, Client, Server. Biz orada devre dışı bırakılmak istendik. Kayyum atamalarına tepki olarak Diyarbakır a, Batman a gittiniz, eleştirildiniz. Computer-to-Computer transmission of business information in a standard format. Atatürk Havalimanı niye kapatıldı. a well researched and ever changing document that provides direction and focus for both the day-to-day operations and the future growth of the business. establishing a level of pricing that will enable a company to break even. A special-purpose computer or software package that handles the connection between 2 or more Packet-Switched networks. Activity-Based Costing ABC . Subject appendices - Global agriculture marketing management. Can be in the form of a cash award or a nonmonetary form gifts, extra vacation time, etc. A company that acts as a clearing-house for electronic transactions between trading partners. 5 milyar Euro. A user authentication scheme used by computers running dial-in services. the most important consideration of business survival. Yani bir manipülasyon, bir popülizm yok içinde. The main protocol used to send electronic mail from server to server on the Internet. CGI program. Open Source Software. A very common method of networking computers in a LAN. Media scheduling. Automatic Call Distributor ACD . If the future price of the given commodity falls below the forecasted price, the purchaser experiences a loss. a market in which the supply of goods is greater than the demand. There are still thousands of Gopher Servers on the Internet and we can expect they will remain for a while. Ekrem İmamoğlu Ben tabi İstanbul un dışındaki büyük şehirleri takip edemiyorum. See also Applet, JDK. the negotiations between an employer and the union representative to obtain a contract for the employees in the union. Bir basın toplantısı yaptınız bununla ilgili. Bunu yönetmek ve bir arada tutmak kolay değil. O bakımdan ben bu kadar hoşgörü derinliği olan bir kente hizmet ederken bu hoşgörüyü temsil eden bir Müslüman olarak gurur duyuyorum. Bunu kendileri de çok iyi biliyor. BREACH OF CONTRACT. Usually there are 8 Bits in a Byte, sometimes more, depending on how the measurement is being made.

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